My Review of "jQuery Game Development Essentials" by author Selim Arsever

jQuery has long been re-known as the javascript library that papers over the cracks between browsers. It allows those of us who wish to write web based applications some relief from the agonies of browser variations.

Now we have a book, "jQuery Game Development Essentials" by Selim Arsever , that takes jQuery and uses it to teach many of the principles of game development.

This book takes a hands on approach by building both single and multiplayer games using jQuery as a key component in the process.

The books starts with a quick overview of the key features of jQuery particularly ones a game developer might need.

It goes on to cover critical gaming topics such as: animation, collision detection, timing loops and operating system restrictions.

Data storage and retrieval using json and ajax are also covered.

The book also covers the creation of various assets required by games such as sprites, tiles and the use of sound. Integration with social media and mobile platforms is covered as is a section on cheating !

Peppered with sample code it turns theory into solid examples.

This is a book with many areas to cover but it does it surprising well. If you are interested in designing web based games you need this book.

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