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MCBuilder - The Multiple Choice Question Bank Creator

Writing multiple choice questions with sensible distractors is a time consuming process.
Adding feedback for any incorrect answers is also a major task.

In short, writing multiple choice questions is a pain in the a... ... err, time consuming.

MCBuilder to the Rescue !


MCBuilder, significantly reduces the amount of time required to build multiple choice questions.

MCBuilder instantly creates banks of multiple choice questions with feedback on any topic from just a plain list of facts.

No further work is required.

Think of it as the Fast Food of Quiz Creation !

MCBuilder Quizzes

MCBuilder creates a bank of multiple choice questions from a file of facts where

The bank of multiple choice questions created using MCBuilder is ready to be used as is or
plugged directly into one of my Quiz Game Master games or exported into Moodle.

I have my Facts let me use MCBuilder

Use MCBuilder

MCBuilder - Sample Quizzes and Utilities

To show you the possibilities I have used McBuilder to generate 2500 questions in 28 quizzes and games

Sample Quizzes/Games

You can also Convert a Moodle Glossary to Multiple choice quiz using MCBuilder.

Convert Moodle Glossary

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