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Cybertrain News
Cybertrain has its own facebook page "Cybertrain's facebook page
My Book Review of "jQuery Game Development Essentials" by Selim Arsever
Quiz Game Master Professional version 2.05 now available
Most Quiz Game Master news is now posted to my Twitter account Twitter
BattleStar can now be made from the website.
Word Puzzle and Mystery Quizzes can now be made from the website.
New sounds added to Quiz Race.
All games now feature sounds.
Lots of restyling of games
New version of Quiz Game Master Professional 2.04 released
11/02/11 Accounting Shootout a Brand New Game Released
See the Sundry games for a link.
14/11/10 Quiz Game Master v2.0 released
The standalone version of QGM 2.0 is now available.
It includes updated help and a new game Nillionaire.
05/11/10 You can now follow on Twitter
03/11/10 Crazy Text added to Sundry Games
Create your own Crazy Text paragaphs.
02/11/10 Upgrade to Instant Cloze Quiz Creator
Instant Cloze quizzes now cope with internal links.
Blank links removed.
A set of 25 sample quizzes have been added to the home page.
27/10/10 Nillionaire - New Game added to Quiz Game Master
A parody of the Millionaire game.
Give $1,000,000 away to win.
07/03/10 Major Upgrade to Quiz Game Master
Any quiz games you create are available as downloadable zip files.
This solves the all the problems of using the browser 'Save Page As' technique.
It also means the quality of the games matches those in the standalone version.
03/11/09 Instant Cloze Quizzes
- Facelift to WikiCloze.
The url is Make a Cloze Quiz
04/05/09 MCBuilder
- Creates multiple choice questions with feedback from just a list of facts.
The Fast Food of quiz creation
The url is MCBuilder
10/08/08 Instant Cloze Quizzes
- Experimental game, designed to build cloze quizzes using just a few keywords is now available.
The url is Make a Cloze Quiz
12/11/07 Infuriation a new Game.
- A new game, a type of jigsaw puzzle called Infuriation and Infuriation Quiz is now avaliable.
You can even upload your own images.
The url is Infuriation
26/02/07 Quiz Game Master 1.9 Release.
- A new game Dungeonpedia has been added.
perhaps the most sophisticated QGM game yet.

Two new WebBook courses are available.
- Scripting 101
- Unix 101

13/09/06Six new WebBook courses are available.
- Advanced Word Processing course
- two database courses
- Ergonomic course.
- Creating Documentation course including how to build Windows Help files.
- Creating a Client User Interface course.
22/06/06Quiz Game Master 1.8 Release.
- Complete rewrite of generator and html pages.
- A new game Mystery Words has been added.
- All the inline css styling has moved into style tags in the head section.
08/06/06Quiz Game Master 1.7 Release.
The new standalone version still includes all the Quiz Games but with more features, new skins, updated Help file and shared question structures that makes moving questions between different quiz games easier.
All quizzes now also validate as xhtml 1.0 Strict.
19/05/06Another WebBook course available.
Basic Spreadsheeting is a new, and free online Course it covers Excel from the Basics up to If statements and Lookups.
09/05/06New WebBook course available.
Understanding Accounting is a new, and free, Accounting Course for Small Business people who want to understand the basics of Accounting and Double Entry Bookkeeping.
27/04/06Quiz Game Master version 1.6a is now available.
The new standalone version still includes all 16 Quiz Games and features an updated help file and cleaner code.
It is still only $US30 for an individual licence and $US100 for a site licence.
14/02/06Added a new menu item, WebBooks Internet Technology tutorials.
Covers both Client side technologies, xhtml, css, javascript, xml and
Server side scripting with perl, php and mysql.
14/11/05SCOOP - an rss based newspaper, that you can personalise, has been upgraded.
There is a link to it in the Labs section.
12/08/05The Lab has two new web experiments.
An ajax based personalised newspaper and a simple FlipCard web application.
22/07/05Added the Lab menu option. My web experiments. Enter at own risk.
01/04/05Demo Game Alien Tissue now features an updated chatting system.
09/03/05Demo Game Alien Tissue now available for testing.
Alien Tissue is another game built using MEGG.
10/02/05Demo Game SpacePirates now available for testing.
SpacePirates was built using MEGG- a Multiplayer Educational Game Generator and my current project.
A reworked BattleMaster is now available. More MEGG games will follow.
10/12/04Just about happy with the look of the site.
The menus and popups are pure css, no javascript.
7/12/04Battlemaster is now online for testing
Email me if you have any problems
26/11/04Cybertrain is now live !
The new home for Quiz Game Master, Ubooks and BattleMaster.