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Sundry Games and Resources

Here are a range of games and experiments

Take your Team to World Cup Glory
Jigsaw puzzle (updated to work on mobile phones)
The Jigsaw with a Timer and Quiz
Struggling with Wordle, try my new Wordle Mate, good for Quordle too!
Reckon you know your FA Cup history ? Prove it and Win the Cup!
Try Relaxing using the 4 7 8 breathing technique
A drag and drop about everybody's most talked about topic
Three Different ways to make Crazy text
New version of the WordPuzzle now supporting images and mobile devices
Correctly Sequence the Process of Eutrophication
Complete rewrite and update - Part of the Responsible Serving of Alcohol course
Do your Sums and save the Earth
Kill the Bugs with Microbiology
Light hearted quiz of unusual defintions.
Painting Quizzes using the new version of Memory Meter
My Entry in the International 13k game competition
How well do you know the Game of Thrones Characters
Identify Famous people
Listen to the HeartBeats to Escape
Battle your way through the Experts.
Online games based on SBS 'Letters and Numbers' program.
Use your knowledge of World Capitals to clean up the Saloon.
Use your knowledge of MicroBiology to clear Bugs from the Hospital.
Use your knowledge of Accounting to clear Terrorists from the building.
Famous Female Scientists.
Answer the questions to reveal the object.
Answer the questions to evolve from an Atom to a Population
Light hearted quiz of Medical terms.
Deep underground in a secret Research Laboratory something has gone terribly wrong...
Test your knowledge of Network technologies
Test your knowledge of Web technologies
Part of the Responsible Gaming Licence course
Simple Rules, complex behaviour simulation
Had your mind read lately ?