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WebBooks are free, interactive, online training courses. There are now 15 Courses available.

CourseDuration (approx)Content
Internet 1[60 hours]Client-side technologies such as xhtml, css, javascript, dhtml, xml.
Scripting 101[60 hours]Scripting with perl and mysql.
Understanding Accounts[30 hours]a Practical Guide on turning Business Transactions into Business Reports.
Advanced Word[30 hours]Advanced Word processing with Microsoft Word.
SpreadSheeting[30 hours]A basic course on Spreadsheeting using Excel.
Advanced SpreadSheeting[30 hours]An Advanced course on Spreadsheeting using Excel.
Industry Skills[3 hours]A basic course on OH &S and Workplace safety.
Database Design[30 hours]A course on Designing Databases.
Access[30 hours]A course on Implementing a Database Design with Access.
Creating Documention[30 hours]A course on creating documentation including how to build Windows help files.
Developing Client Interfaces[30 hours]uses VB6 to build a client user interface
Unix/Linux 101[30 hours]Learn about the powerful Unix Command line
Introduction to PHP/Mysql[30 hours]Introduction to Php and Mysql for web designers
Website Management[30 hours]Managing a Website includes uploading files, security concerns, website testing and performance tuning.